Use The Safe, Easy, Cost-Effective Method For Quality Metal Blacking

It may not be necessary for the majority of the population to understand what metal blacking, blackening, or black oxide is. But for those in one segment of the working world, the knowledge is essential. This process is part of the history of metal finishing designed to protect products from oxidisation. Treating the metal surface in a specific way prepares it for use in various situations.

Traditional methods of blueing are closely associated with the process and are sometimes referred to as cold blacking. The hot oxide process is generally known by the names black oxidising or black oxide. In very basic terms, the process involves dissolving copper in acid and then immersing the item to produce a blue-black colour.

Surface Barrier

The goal is to produce a strong barrier on the metal surface that helps resist corrosion and other moisture issues. Over time, veterans in the industry have found that this type of corrosion resistance is more affordable than plating or painting. One leader in the field offers a special metal-blacking process for manufacturing clients that is safe and easy to use, yet provides outstanding results at a very reasonable price.

You may want to start to learn more about the services offered and about their room-temperature blacking process. This simple-dip operation is a great option for factories and produces uniform colouring on machined surfaces, threads, and blind holes. Basically, blacking is achieved by chemical conversion of the metal surface.

Steps in the process include degreasing, immersion in a surface conditioner, and immersion in the blacking solution. The process also includes a final immersion in a dewatering oil. Clients can depend on excellent corrosion resistance, making the metal more durable and capable of standing up to outside elements. This industry leader brings several decades of experience to the task and specialises in colouring iron and steel components.

Room Temperature

One of the key elements that makes this process so attractive is the ability to achieve quality blacking at room temperature. The safe and easy chemical immersion process does not alter the dimension of the component, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers of precision-engineered components that must have a decorative finish. The service fits well in the tooling and machinery manufacturing industries.

If you have the need for quality blacking on tight-tolerance machine parts, this is your source. It’s a good alternative to plating and painting, which are generally not acceptable when tolerances are tight. The black surface absorbs wax, oil, and rust-preventing sealants to deliver excellent corrosion protection. The durable black finish also improves appearance and value.

After you’ve browsed the extensive website, you are invited to talk to a knowledgeable representative. Be sure to ask about a free no-obligation quote. These professionals have delivered excellent customer service in this special field for more than 30 years and they always deliver quality with a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you’d like to learn more about this fascinating process, ask your representative to arrange a visit to the sample processing facility and demonstration room in Leicester or Surrey. It’s a smart move.

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