We believe once a homeowner joins our growing family of customers, it’s our responsibility to make them feel important throughout the entire process. We truly want them to have a great experience with our company. Each homeowner will receive a nightly phone call from our office manager, Marci Boswell, to answer any question they may have about their project. We want to make sure our customers are happy with us on a daily basis. We also visit each job site daily. We will make sure everything is running smoothly and each homeowner is aware of everything going on with their project.

Once a job is completed, we will perform our Victory Lap with the homeowner. The Victory Lap consists of an overall inspection of the job. The inspection includes such things as checking the operation of the windows, making sure the windows are cleaned (inside and out), all exterior walls on a siding project are cleaned, and a final walk around the house to make sure the job site is clean. In this website, you can learn about Home Improvement, Tips, and News, Furniture, Home Decore, Bath and shower, Home inspection and Roof Ceiling.

We want to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied. We always appreciate feedback from our customers. We are not a perfect company and are always listening to our customers to find ways to improve as a home improvement contractor in the Quad Cities.