Why You Need To Evict The Pests In Your Home

Pest control is a responsibility of homeowners everywhere. Different pests have different effects on a home, ranging from mildly inconvenient to extremely costly or hazardous to health. Here’s a look at why controlling pests in the home is important throughout home ownership.

Pests Can Make a Home Uncomfortable or Dangerous

Bad smells, bug shells and venomous bites are hazards of living in a home overrun by bugs like cockroaches, spiders and fleas. At their least significant, cockroaches may scurry across a kitchen floor after lights are turned off. At their worst, however, cockroaches may virtually swarm a home, invading foods, drinks and beds in their search for food and warmth. Some spiders, such as black widows, can give an extremely painful and potentially deadly bite to those who are unlucky enough to disturb them in their tangled webs. Meanwhile, brown recluse spiders prowl throughout the home, and their bites can cause serious necrosis if left untreated. Ticks and fleas are two parasites present in many homes, especially when animals live there as well. Both will feed on humans and may transmit serious diseases in the process.

Pests May Cause Building Condemnation

Rodents and termites can cause a home to be condemned if allowed to grow out of control. Rats and mice will leave their urine and feces all over a structure due to their inability to control their bodily functions. Since this excrement can contain many of the diseases and parasites carried by rodents, its major presence in a home can cause require condemnation for health reasons. After all, humans can suffer deadly hantavirus or plague from the contaminated excrement of rats and mice. Termites can slowly eat through a home’s structure until the structure is at risk of sudden collapse. When this happens, officials won’t hesitate to declare the home unfit for inhabitation.

Termites Can Ruin a Home’s Value

While termites might take a awhile to make a home unsafe to inhabit, they won’t take nearly as long to eat enough of a home’s structure that it loses its market value. Most potential homebuyers will hire inspectors to look for signs of termites and termite damage, which may not be immediately visible to others. If a termite problem is found, the home could require thousands of dollars in repairs before it can be sold. To prevent this from happening, an exterminator Columbus residents can trust should be hired to inspect a home for termites and eliminate the problem if necessary.

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