6 Top Tips for Looking After Your home Lawn in 2018

Home Lawn makes your home more beautiful. Are you ready to begin the weekly maintenance in your garden when the spring arrives? For many people, taking the decision to get out there for the first time is one they put off as long as possible.

6 Top Tips for Looking After Your home Lawn in 2018

Looking out of the window at our gardens, we can see they need a bit of sprucing up. The trees are still bare; paths are covered in green slime; the pond is full of floating debris, and the home lawn looks very shabby indeed.

You will find a few tips here that will help you cope with your lawn this year and for many to come.


If you missed the last couple of grass cuts towards the end of last year, your home lawn would be a little long and clumpy by now. This is probably too difficult for your small domestic mower to get through. Electric strimmers are extremely cheap these days and also very effective. Run a strimmer over your home lawn carefully, leaving about two inches of growth. Rake vigorously to remove all of the cuttings.


Using a mower, cut your lawn to about one inch. There is no need to be too particular at this stage as the first cut always looks a little untidy.


Using a lawn rake, vigorously scrape at the home lawn in the same way as you would when preparing it for winter. You will find all manner of invading weed leaves and moss come out. There are electric rakes, or scarifiers, available if you have a large lawn or a bad back. This job can be hard work.


Give your lawn a neat edge. Using a rope on the edge of the home lawn, mark where it needs trimming. This is done by simply laying the rope down. Readjust as necessary until you are happy with the position. Go to the shed and fetch your lawn edge trimmer. This is a half-moon shaped blade on a wooden handle.

Ensure the handle is firmly fixed and set to work. Put the blade on the lawn next to the rope and push it down with your foot. Lift the blade three-quarters of the way up and move it to the side. Push down with your foot again.

Work your way along, following the rope, by repeating the same process. If your lawn has a straight edge it is far better to lay a plank or board down and follow the edge of that. When you have finished cutting, lift the waste turf and put it on your compost heap.


Once your initial work is done on the lawn, leave it a couple of weeks. The grass and weeds will begin to grow vigorously, and this is the best time to apply home lawn weed and moss killer. Your lawn may change color for a while as the invaders perish, but don’t worry it will come back better and stronger.

The only maintenance you have left is to mix grass seed with some compost and sprinkle on any bare patches. Then regular mowing throughout the summer, and water in the dry spells.

Spring is a good time to look around for a patio furniture sale so you can sit with a nice drink and soak up some sunshine in the knowledge that your lawn will be able to take anything the children can throw at it throughout the summer.


As the winter approaches, cut the lawn to 1 inch for the last time and scarify it again. Use a garden fork, to make holes, to provide aeration, or electric versions are available. Sprinkle some sharp sand over the lawn and brush into the holes.

And that is it in a nutshell. With regular maintenance, your home lawn should last until your children have grown up and left home. Well Done!

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