Excellent Ideas For Basement Remodels – Adding Bedrooms!

Basements are typically just places that are designed to maximize space beneath the house, and add storage area’s that otherwise would clutter the house up with needless stuff. Realistically, they served a purpose at one point, being used to mostly add in a space for flood protection, storage, and severe weather protection. But now in modern times? They don’t really serve much of a use. We don’t need to worry about flood protection if you live in an area that doesn’t receive any flooding (Such as living on high ground), we don’t need to worry about severe weather protection as most homes built after the 70’s already have some form of protection already enveloped in their design. And when it comes to storage, most people are either opting to use their garage for storage, or forgo owning more than they need altogether to save space.

So because basement being used as storage spaces is slowly dying out, what do with all that space then? Well an idea that’s been becoming in vogue the last several decades is to turn the basement into another useful part of the home, and finish it out as another room of the house that would see a lot of use.

And honestly, it’s not hard to see why that people all over the country are turning to professional home remodelers for all their renovations. With finishing a basement out, you get a lot of benefits. You clear out an area that tends to become overly damp and full of moisture. You clear out mould and other fungi that could potentially harm your health, and you clean it of accumulated dirt.

So with all this newly cleared floor space, what do you do with it? One option that a lot of people have been doing is creating additional bedrooms in the basement, expanding the home downward instead of outward. This very useful and an excellent idea for many different reasons. Usually it’s done by people who are expanding a family, and want to ensure that every child of the house has their own personal space to grow and play in. Or they have older family members who need personal care, without having to worry about the cost and stress that comes with being forced into a retirement community. Some people as well just like knowing that they have an extra room in the house for guests who are staying over for an extended period of time. And afterwards if you don’t want to use the room as a bedroom anymore? It can easily be converted into anything else, such as an office, game room, or entertainment room.

No matter the reasons though, an extra bedroom is always a welcomed addition to any home that adds a ton of privacy and comfort. In fact, when potential home buyers ask about finished basements, one of the first things that they look for is whether or not a house has additional bedrooms in the basement. So finishing a basement out and doing an extensive basement renovation can only help to add value to the house already.

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