Your Plumber Might Save Your Home

Your home is one of just a few places on earth you feel safe and secure, and its maintenance is often on your mind. However, you may be forgetting something important, such as its plumbing system. It is not surprising that many homeowners fail to remember their piping system when they work on their home.

After all, nearly all of a property’s piping is inside of the walls, under cabinets or hidden away in the basement. With the problem out of sight, it is often also out of mind, making it possible for a homeowner not to notice a serious problem until long after it becomes too significant to avoid. Fortunately, there are some signs that may tell you ahead of time that you have a potential problem brewing in your pipes.

Clogged Drains

A single clogged drain may be little more than a case of a blockage just below the drain entrance. For example, hair slowly begins to collect in a bathtub’s drain as you shower and bathe, and a kitchen sink may begin to clog due to a collection of food located just below the disposal.

By pouring de-clogging liquid down the drain, you can often fix the issue. However, some clogs require the help of Medway plumbers. Anytime you have multiple clogs throughout your home or a drain that continues to backup even after you use DIY methods, it is time to call a plumber as this may be a sign that you have a serious issue building up in your pipe system.


When you walk into your kitchen or toilet room, you should not smell something unpleasant coming up from the drains. If you do, you may have a backup problem about to overflow into your home. The moment you notice an odour that does not go away in your home, you need to call a plumber to diagnose and treat the issue. If you try to wait and see if it goes away on its own, you may experience a serious failure, which can ruin your floors, belongings and otherwise cost you thousands in repair expenses.

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