Solar Energy For Homeowners Is Less Costly Than Ever

Solar energy for homeowners sure doesn’t look like it used to. Maybe you have visions of fields of solar panels breaking up the landscape in unattractive arrays. Things have changed in the solar energy technology offerings for attractive solar systems for homeowners. Here are some of the newest technological ideas announced at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that we think will peak your interest.

Solar cells are much less costly than before while producing 10 times more electricity. Solar energy for homeowners will be able to reduce utility costs even better than before. When they install a new system from SunBug Solar, they will see their electricity bill decrease and gain a credit with the local power company. Electric companies often buy the extra electricity that is produced above the individual homeowner’s needs and pay the homeowner monthly.

An MIT professor has developed a way to intensify the sunlight with very small solar collectors. Previous solar collectors were large, expensive and bulky. Now they can be small postage stamp-sized pieces of coated glass.

A California firm is slicing silicon, the most costly part of solar energy products, into much thinner strips, reducing the cost by half of coating solar panels. With the introduction of the newer materials, a solar cell is 27 percent stronger than before with no increase in the cost of manufacturing.

Another development that generated cost savings was reducing the silicon in solar cells to one-tenth the amount that was used the older technology of manufacturing solar cells. There is now a sticker that can be placed on previously installed panels that increases the energy production of those cells by 10 percent.

The shortage of silicon that made solar panel production so expensive has ended. With the introduction of alternative polymers and other materials, solar panels can be manufactured much more inexpensively. This cost savings is passed on to residential homeowners that are purchasers of solar energy systems.

IBM, Sharp, and GE are just three of the superpowers that have now jumped head-first into solar energy products. Prices will continue to reduce just because of the sheer volume of their production and manufacturing totals.

It only takes 35 square meters of roof space to provide the energy power for a family household of four people. Solar energy for homeowners is a cost-effective way to reduce energy bills and provide electricity for the community, when the local utility is in partnership with the residential homeowner. With the newer transparent glass properties, even cloudy days produce enough sunlight to power the household with only an occasional need for a back-up energy alternative.

Transparent glass solar windows can be installed that have no effect on the appearance of the home, but reap the utility savings just like other solar collectors.

Your solar energy system designer can utilize many of these newest technologies in your residential solar energy system. Solar energy for homeowners is a clean, environmental friendly product that will renew itself and continue producing long after a fossil fuel source.

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