Salon of the Week: a Cocoon Both Contemporary and Warm

It is in Moigné in Brittany, not far from Rennes, that I take you to visit this charming salon. A lively space that unashamedly affirms its contemporary style, with its large volumes and designer furniture. Interior decorator Caroline Desert, in charge of the project, made sure that this large room was full of life by delimiting the spaces and adding color … At a 

Who lives here: Karine and Benoît and their three daughters: Marie, 17, Rebecca, 6, and Rachelle, 4.
Location: Near Rennes

” The volume of the room was the first problem to work. This living room was a huge square space in which we had to implement the kitchen, the living room, and the living room, ” says Caroline Desert. This one wanted that one does not discover all the space of a single blow and had to work with some constraints: ” big picture windows and the lack of walls on which to lean for the installations“. 

Cocoon Both Contemporary and Warm

The owners, meanwhile, wanted a fireplace and a location relevant to the TV. ” After many negotiations, we finally decided to put them on the same wall, facing the sofa! 

Living and sparkling, the living room designed by Caroline Desert is ideal to receive guests because it has a beautiful space (almost seven meters back). It had to be furnished appropriately … ” I started on the idea of multiplying the foundations to make it more welcoming and more user-friendly. A large sofa three meters long is the centerpiece of this lounge. Then, two chairs that can be moved to the envi. Finally, a meridian comes to create a mini-space for relaxation or reading near the fireplace, “explains the decorator.

To discover each space independently of the previous one, Caroline Desert wanted to create the surprise. For the corner “library”, she drew a large library bottomless two feet fifty high and three meters long, to cut the room while letting it breathe through the perforated partition. 

The interior designer has devised this space in two parts: the kitchen, which hosts column furniture (fridge, ovens, storage) and the living room, which allowed him to make a custom bench. 

” The volumes in this space are respected because the partitions are not completely closed. And yet, each space is visually delimited, ” comments Caroline Desert.

Caroline Desert has understood the importance of brightness in interiors: “In addition to thinking about volumes and textiles, working on luminaires is a very important point for the success of a space. I multiplied the indirect light points to create a warm atmosphere at night. 

Big names in the luminaire come together in this pretty living room: Foscarini’s Twiggy above the sofa, Gubi’s Grasshopper next to the chaise longue, the Vertigo suspension above the table and Le Deun in the library, which signs the superb circle of LEDs!

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