Follow the Guide: the Parisian Nest of Philippe Demougeot

For twenty years, Philippe Demougeot juggles between the professions of architect and interior designer. Graduated in 1995, this lover of volumes has constantly renovated interiors to the delight of customers who knocked on the door of his agency created in 2000, People’s Republic of Design. Just before this iconic year, it was thanks to a key project that he was propelled into the limelight. 

Follow the Guide: the Parisian Nest of Philippe Demougeot

At the time, he had designed a loft from an old shop, and this is the newspaper Le Mondewho gave him the visibility that made his career take off. A few years later, he gained new fans thanks to the SOS Maison section of Question House (now La Maison France 5), in which he participated for seven years to find home improvement solutions. 

A chance for viewers to have access to his good ideas and watch him make quality perspective drawings!  When I was a child, I especially liked drawing. Whether it was drawings of objects, apartments or architecture, the form was not quite precise but I wanted to draw. After many years of media coverage, Philippe Demougeot has agreed to unveil for the first time his Parisian nest, an apartment he found at the time of the creation of his agency. 

At a Glance
Who lives here: Philippe Demougeot and his family 
Location: In the 11th arrondissement  this district was not chosen by chance since the original Lyonnais started his Parisian adventure at École Boulle, in the arrondissement next door (XIIth). 
Area: 200 m² 
Anecdote: Philippe Demougeot had a real crush on this unique place which consisted initially of a simple blind plateau made up of imposing traditional farms. elements of a wooden frame to support a sloping roof, which crossed the entire floor and prevented good circulation in space. He remembers his first visit: 
 I found a bare plateau of 200 m² in Paris, there was nothing, not even windows, except pigeons. You had to hedge to get from one place to another. Nobody wanted this place! It was really the opportunity to do exactly what I wanted.  A real opportunity for the architect who made his pitch. Follow the guide!

Philippe Demougeot designed his apartment as a street signified by a central passage where the throne the living highlighted by a series of roof windows, but also thanks to the patio ideally placed. He explains this configuration:  The principle of this apartment is really a central street with shops. The rooms are discreet, almost invisible. This is my home, it’s my little inner city and it’s very quiet.  The contemporary spirit marries the vintage
and the charm of the authentic which is reflected in the presence of traditional farms that the architect has modified using laminated beams glued in the shape of cocked hat, which round nicely the corners of this plateau but which, above all, allow to keep the frame.

 Importantly, I hid the front door because I do not like it when we’re at home. In all my projects, I make sure to remove the front door. I love that once the door is closed, you forget your life outside, especially in the city, and that a new perspective is created, that its interior makes landscape with its outside corner, its dining room, and all its rest areas , says Philippe Demougeot. It has, moreover, given another function to this white wall which acts as separation from the outside world, like a protective facade. Indeed, it serves as a screen for the overhead projector fixed above the sofa. That’s why only a low furniture has been set up to integrate the elements of the home theater. It is decorated with two candlesticks with elegant curves. 

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