The Latest Trends You’ll See In Furniture Stores

Many people often underestimate the power of a newly designed home that is beautifully furnished and encompasses the homeowner’s taste and personal style. How a home is designed will determine the atmosphere of the home, as well as how comfortable guests are when they spend time in it. Homes are canvases for the residents who occupy it, where they can freely express their interests, style, and taste.

When shopping for new furniture for you’re home, you’ll likely see new trends in furniture stores that are both creative and modern for a refreshing look. This year, a lot of glamorous pieces are selling that include white leather couches, oversized mirrors, eco-friendly products, and large rustic dining tables that are the centerpiece to any dining room.

For those who want their home to look chic and feminine, white furniture is increasing in popularity with sleek designs and gold embellishments. This can be nicely paired with large chairs made with suede or metallic leather for a bold statement piece. For those who enjoy the metallic leather, but want it in small pieces, metallic pillows can be added to couches or chairs for an expensive and beautiful look. Benches and foot rests can be seen in furniture stores as they offer a completed look for couches or chairs. In more advanced pieces, blankets or games can be stored in the boxes for extra storage in the home.

More than ever, chunky large headboards are the centerpiece of any bedroom with its dramatic effect and focal point for any style. Upholstered headboards add a sleek look with satin or metallic fabrics. Wingbacks add coziness and charm to any bed with different heights. Simple, large wood headboards that lack any design are a simple and modern look that can reach halfway up the wall. For headboards this dramatic, choose large hotel pillows to balance out the design and make the bed look full and romantic.

Chandeliers offer additional decoration and beautifully accessorize any home with many different styles that are new in furniture stores. Honeycomb chandeliers are fun and creative, with a touch of vintage from the 60s. Chandeliers with bare, vintage Edison bulbs are cozy and artistic for anyone that loves a modern and clean look to their home. Some chandeliers are even used as flower pots or vases now with flowers draping around the lights for a rustic feel. When looking for the latest trends in furniture stores, find inspiration in magazines and on your favorite home design websites to choose the best pieces that will fit your home and personality perfectly.

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