Should You Use Fake Grass?

When you are planning about landscaping your home, you will need grass. You have two choices, either use natural grass or fake grass. Whichever is your choice for landscaping, you must first find out if it is safe or not. Maintaining natural grass will require pesticides and herbicides that may be harmful for your kids who play there. Now, the question is whether artificial grass is safe? 

It does not require any maintenance

All you have to do with fake grass is lay it on the place where you want to use grass. It will make things look good. There are no maintenance costs. You do not have to keep a mower to mow the grass regularly. Moreover, gallons of water are required in order to ensure that the natural grass gets its moisture properly, especially if you live in dry areas. With fake grass you do not have to worry about all this. Just get the grass installed and enjoy its beauty.

Free from any harmful chemicals

When you have children who play at the lawn you have to think about their health. Natural grass is soft and tender for children to play, but at the same time they have herbicides and other harmful chemicals. This is mainly because in order to protect the grass from any insects or other pests you have to apply pesticides on the grass. When your kid plays over it they may get infected. You do not have to worry about these chemicals at all when you install artificial grass.  

Free from any harmful chemicals

Long lasting

If you install fake grass once it will last at least for 15 years. The maintenance is quite low and it lasts long. Many people have even said that they are using the same fake turf for about 20 years now. All that is required is brushing the grass properly so that the blades can maintain its shape. 


The question still remains whether you should use fake grass or not? Yes, sometimes there may be certain issues with the environment but if you use good quality artificial grass you can reduce that too. The installation cost may be high as you have to do it at once, but once done you can get the benefit of the investment for long. It may not have the smell of fresh grass but the look it renders is indeed good and you will love it. 

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