Living Room Design Ideas for a Minimalistic Look

Minimalistic look is everywhere! And no matter where you look and what you browse, you will find stunning and stylish rooms with a clean and smooth impression. It is no wonder to see a growing demand for a minimalistic look in the living room.

Minimalism is based on the notion of living a simple and uncluttered life. The aim here is to place only what you need in your room and get rid of any meaningless items. The design philosophy behind this is to encourage a more efficient and sustainable way of living.

If you are looking for some great ideas for a minimalistic look in your living room, all you need to do is go through the following tips.

  • Start with decluttering – Take a good look at your living room and categorize each item as very essential to not so essential. It could be a table or a lamp or an artwork that is taking on too much space and are not very functional. Start by removing any item that is not essential for your living room design.
  • Consider the size and scale – The size of the living room matters, and you will need to place the furniture items according to the size. You need to restrict the size and number of furniture items if the living room is small. However, those with a larger living room can play with scale and mix and match different sizes of décor and furniture.
  • The colors and lines– What defines the minimalistic look in the living room are not just what you place within it, but also how you arrange it and the colors around. Stick to neutral tones when it comes to walls or the carpet. Use furniture, curtains, and rugs with well-defined lines to create that sleek minimalist space.
  • Lots of natural light – Allow natural light to enter the room and this is very useful, especially when one has a smaller living room space. So, when designing the living room, keep in mind where you will place the windows and doors so as to let in natural light.
  • Place some plants– Go ahead and bring some nature inside. You can either add a few succulents on some shelves or place a free-standing planter in one corner of the room. Ensure that the plants get plenty of light and air.


  • Add an accent – It could be a color or a source of light or the cushions in the room that can be sued to accent sock color in the living room and add a special touch. This is a great way in terms of minimalist decorating!
  • Keep it elegant – An elegant and refined setting sets the tone for the living space. Make sure to incorporate warm, neutral tones in the design and highlights, whether it is the furniture or artwork or a statement piece.

As you can see, creating a minimalistic look in your living room is not so difficult. All you need to do is take some ideas from the tips given above and get creative.

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