Kid Friendly Furniture Designs

Keeping our homes safe for our children is essential. It starts with simple choices such as keeping harmful objects away from our children’s reach or buying kid-friendly furniture like bed and sofas. But shopping for kid-friendly furniture can be difficult especially for those with no prior experience.

Aside from hopping from one furniture shop to another, you and your children can also design your own furniture. Many companies today are offering customized home fixtures which allow consumers like you to have more personalized pieces at home. This does not only allow you to enjoy the benefits of kid-friendly fixtures but also having furniture pieces you could truly call your own. Read along and check these helpful tips and tricks.

Say no to points and sharp edges

Whether you’re customizing your kid’s furniture or looking for a ready-made one, be on the lookout for sharp and pointed edges. This is commonly found in typical home fixtures in the living room such as center table or coffee table.

Search for furniture designs with rounded edges. You don’t have to shop for kid-friendly labeled fixtures but keep a keen eye for danger signs.

Textile choices

Sensuede is highly ideal when searching for kid-proof furniture coverings. This type of fabric does not absorb pet odors, perfect for homes with kids and pets. It is also made from polyester fibers, making it extra safe for children. If you’re planning to reupholster your furniture, it’s best to opt for such fabric.

If not, you can also use outdoor fabric as replacement. There’s a long list of outdoor fabrics that are durable and comfortable. These are highly resistant due to their nature, highly resistant to wet stains and do not fade easily.

Kid-size furniture

You don’t want your toddlers reaching out to high tables and grabbing objects. High chairs for example could be accidents waiting to happen. Of course, you don’t want your child to have a difficult time climbing his bed. Purchasing age-appropriate furniture makes going to sleep or dinner less of an adventure.

Look for furniture that is specifically designed for your child’s age, giving them access to these fixtures easily. You should also have kiddie tables and chairs on the ready just in case they want to sit down or play. These types of fixtures are easy to store and could be placed anywhere in your home when your child needs it.

Playful characters

One of the main reasons why parents are encouraged to bring their children along when shopping for furniture is to let the kids choose their own designs. There are tons of cartoon character designs and children will surely love using furniture or fixtures they personally picked.

This also works for other child-friendly fixtures such as night lamps and kiddie bins.

Soft and cushiony

Lastly, it’s highly advisable to fill your house with soft fixtures. Aside from having cushions on dining chairs, your living room and your kid’s room should also have extra soft fixtures such as beanbags. You can bring it to the seamstress to ensure that it can endure thousands of jumps and cannon ball dives.

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