How to decor wall designs 2018

Wall designs make your walls awesome arts and crafts are coming back in style and all the ladies are ringing up their mothers and grannies, asking them about all the great crafts that they used to do.

How to decor wall designs 2018

If you have a spare weekend that you would love to spend doing something interesting and fun, then you definitely have to try and make some lovely art for your wall designs. It is easy, fun and interesting and it will give your home a unique look. Here are some of the projects that you can definitely do on your own.

DIY Crafts

Wall designs Full of Butterflies

For this type of wall designs, you will need some high-quality paper, glue, and perhaps some paint if you feel that the color of your wall designs doesn’t match your idea. The first thing that you should do is to pick a wall designs in your home that is not so frequent.

Then, using the paper that you have, and some origami instructions on how to make an origami butterfly, you need to make as many butterflies as possible. This is more time consuming than it is difficult and you can get somebody to help. After you are done, attach the flock of your origami butterflies on the wall and enjoy the view.

Decorative Garlands

This goes into the category of really easy wall décor ideas. You need a piece of wood, a couple of nails, thin rope or yarn and some colorful paper. Nail the nails into the wood at equal intervals, about 3 inches apart and attach the string of rope, so that it hangs down.

Use colorful paper to cut out the flower shapes that you will then glue to each other in a way that they have the string in between them. Flower, by flower, you will have a nice garland that you can attach over your bed. It will look really interesting.

Giant Wall designs Scrabble

The name of this wall décor project speaks for itself. Find the old fashioned, vintage style scrabble and try to make magnified copies of the letters on carefully made wooden tiles. Make them perfect and get every detail done.

You’ll need some experience with cutting and treating wood with sandpaper and lacquer, but it is not something you cannot learn very quickly. Spell out a couple of words on your wall with the tiles you make.

Painting with Yarn

At least one of your walls needs to be painted using this technique as it makes the wall designs very interesting and gives it a really cool texture that is highly decorative and very nice. All you need is some yarn, paint roller, and some paint.

Paint the wall in a color and let it dry off entirely. For a second layer, wrap the yarn over the roller before you dip it into the paint and then go over the wall. The pattern will be very exciting! For different patterns, check an online store for different size of the yarn.

Coffee Mug Hangers

Everybody needs a nice wall décor that de-clutters the home of all the mugs at the same time. Mugs are really cool but they take up a lot of space. Also, what is the point of having the cool mugs if nobody can see them?

Use one side of the euro pallet and treat it with primer, paint, and lacquer. Attach several pegs that you would normally use for coats on it and just hang the mugs on them.

These are all very exciting and very fun ways to make wall designs both wonderful and useful at the same time. Take a weekend off and get creative in order to try one of these projects.

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