7 Home Decor Elements You Need to Make the Perfect Kid’s Bedroom

Home Decor designing a bedroom for your kids isn’t going to be as easy as it was to create a nursery when they were younger. Home decor has their own styles, interests, and tastes that you’ll need to take into consideration. Not to mention, they move around a lot more and will need plenty of space for resting, playing, learning, and more. To help get you started, here are a few of the key elements that make a bedroom awesome for kids.

7 Home Decor Elements You Need to Make the Perfect Kid’s Bedroom

Home Decor Theme

Sleeping in a room with nothing more than a basic bed and bare walls isn’t your child’s idea of having a fun bedroom. Home decor is providing you the best styles, you’ll want to choose an overall theme for the room. While younger children might want to stick to certain cartoon characters, older children might prefer patterns, bold colors, or posters of their favorite celebrities and athletes plastered all over the walls.

Home Decor Bed

One thing you don’t want to leave out of a bedroom for your children is a bed. If they’ve outgrown their old bedroom sets, you have more than one bedroom you’re designing, or you have more than one child, you may need to shop around for a mattress sale to save on the design. You can find mattresses and bed frames for toddler beds, twin sized beds, or full-size beds depending on the age and size of your child.

Home Decor & Storage

If there’s one thing a kid’s room should not be scarce in, it’s storage space. Your children will need to have a place for everything from their clothes and books to their toys and knickknacks. You can choose a dresser or chest of drawers to hold their clothes, undergarments, and socks in the home accessories.

Bookshelves can be the perfect addition for storing books, and containers filled with knickknacks and small toys. A toy box or chest can keep hold of the larger toys and stuffed animals. If the room isn’t very large, you may also consider installing wall shelves (although these not ideal for younger kids as they can climb on them and really hurt themselves).

A Space to Play

Unless you have a playroom somewhere else in the home, the bedroom is where your children will spend most of their time roughhousing and playing around with their siblings and friends. A designated play area can make a world of difference. An area rug can help to separate the play area from the sleeping area. You can add shelves, a toy box, and any other features to the space that your child enjoys playing with. If you have preteens or teenagers, they might enjoy some bean bag chairs or comfortable seats, a television, and a gaming console.

Room for Studying

When they’re not resting or playing, your children are likely tending to their studies. Having a designated area for them to complete homework assignments is a plus. Depending on your budget you can add a simple table, chair, and a table lamp for additional lighting or you can spend a bit more for a desk, chair, and a computer.

Tips for Smaller Rooms

If your child’s room isn’t too big, there are some ways you can still create a nice space for them to be in. You can conserve space by investing in bunk beds or a bed with drawers underneath for storing clothes. A folding table and chairs are easy to pull out and put away for studying, and you can stack clear totes or boxes on top of each other for additional storage.

Tips for Shared Rooms

If you have multiple kids and they share a bedroom, you can still find ways to see designs in Home Decor. Dividing the room in half and decorating each side to fit the ideas of your children is fairly easy. Choose a neutral color and allow your kids to select different decor and linens to place on their sides of the bedroom. The rest of the room can be used to create a shared play and study area.

If you want to create an awesome bedroom that your children won’t want to leave, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind. No matter what your budget is, you can find creative ways to tie it all together. To make things easier, it’s also advised to ask for your kid’s opinion on the decor and furniture throughout the room. This will ensure they love what you design and that they really feel like the room is their own.

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