Colourful Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Choosing colour for your home can often be overwhelming and scary. A room without colour feels naked and unfinished. Your living space should reflect your lifestyle and values. Don’t play safe! Colours can bring a unique feel to your home and express your creativity.

Painting your walls is a bold and effective idea, when you want to bring colour to your life. The key principle is to keep everything in balance. Each colour has different personality and it can evoke a certain mood. That is why unbalanced room in terms of colour will make you feel anxious and uncomfortable. For example, the radiant and cozy warm colours will make a room intimate and smaller. On the contrary, cool shades enlarge the space, but will also make it colder. That is why you should choose a room with more natural light, so that you can compensate this.

A Common amateur decorating mistake is settling for only one colour. Choose two or three hues and create your own palette. If you are struggling with the decision which colour to include, turn to your closet for inspiration. You are naturally drawn to certain colouring that enhances and complements your personality. Looking at your clothes will give you a broader idea of what you might like or feel comfortable with.

Next step is to determine the dominant, secondary and accent colour. Use the ratio of 60:30:10. This means that your dominant colour will take most of the space. You can apply it on your walls. The secondary colour you should use for your upholstery and the accent for your accessories. If you don’t want a drastic change, keep your walls and neutral and use bold colours for your furniture and smaller details. Revive your old upholstery. Painting your furniture can also be eco friendly. It will have dramatic impact on the living space. Nothing brightens a room like a clean colourful rug. It is a perfect fit for your kitchen or living room.

Contrast also works in your favour. The juxtaposition of colours will make them stand out and look more intense. Use pillows with different patterns and hue in your bedroom or living room to bring some variety in your home. It also looks extremely trendy and professional. If you want quick results with minimum effort fill your home with plants and flowers. They go well with any design and will bring nature to your home.

When decorating your home, don’t strive for perfection. Instead of matching everything, try to blend colours, creating an ideal harmony. Combine cool and warm shades. If you want to bet on a sure thing use complementary colours that naturally flatter each other. If your space feels overcrowded choose muted, soft hues that will reduce the visual weight of the room.

If you’re not confident in your decorating skills, start small. Hang an artwork. A big bold paint over the wall will change the atmosphere of any space. If you’re on a budget, simply use some colourful family photos. Print your favorite ones and put them on a canvas. It will personalise and give an artsy vibe to your home. Turn your furniture into a piece of art by painting the cupboards or the inside of your bookshelf. Use hued ceramics, wood, textiles and antiques. This will give immediate make – over.

Wallpapers make a huge come – back. Big graphic prints are a stylish and colourful way to give new life to your living space. Put it on one of your walls for more depth and accent. Plus, if you don’t like it you can just rip it off.

Just because you’re not a professional, doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself with some colour. All you need is your imagination.

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