Choosing The Best And Safe Nursery Furniture For Your Baby: Ultimate Guide

Setting up a baby’s nursery is an exciting time for expecting parents. But, you have to choose the best and safe nursery furniture for your baby and it is very important for your child too. Because every parent wants to keep their baby safe. They also want their baby to feel comfortable in their furniture. So, when you are going to buy a baby equipment and complete furniture, always keep in mind that which equipment and what type of nursery furniture will provide the safety to your child.

Safety and comfort are both the first aspects you have to consider while making any purchase for your child. Make smart furniture purchases that include, Cocoon Ritz Cot, change tables, dressers, toy chest, rocking chairs and many others are generally constructed of either wood or synthetic materials or some other combination of materials.

But, if you are confused while selecting furniture for your newborn and wondering that what to look for while choosing the safe nursery furniture? Here, I have made it easier for you by sharing some of the most important elements which you need to consider prior buying the nursery furniture that provides the safety and comfort to your child.

Baby Cot

First, I’ll start with the one of the most things that is the baby crib or baby cot. Because the newborn baby spends approximately 18 to 20 hours each day asleep, during the first few months of their life. So, you have to consider below-mentioned some safety features, prior buying a new baby cot.

  • The cot you choose must comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS 2172.
  • Make sure the cot has no horizontal bars and the locking features are secure.
  • Check the mattress is thick and it fits snugly within the cot.
  • Must pick the crib that is made of excellent quality wood or metal.
  • Always check that the crib has no lumps or bumps because the clothes of your baby can catch on these lumps.
  • If you choose the wooden crib for your child, also, make sure that the crib should be painted with hardwood’s like ash, and maple.
  • Also make certain that the paint of that crib is not fading or removing when your baby is touching it with their teeth.

Change Tables

There is no Australian Standard for the change table, so it’s important to look carefully at the safety features of change table which you want to buy for your child such as stable and in good condition.

  • Make sure that the change table has a child safety harness.
  • The table should be sturdy in condition, with a railing on all sides that provides the best safety to your child from falling down.
  • Make certain that there are no gaps that could trap the little fingers of your child.
  • The middle part of the changing surface is slightly lower than the sides.
  • Check the table is stable and has secure locks.

Prams & Strollers

Child safety is the main priority for every parent. So, choose the right one with the help of below mentioned safety features.

  • Prams and Strollers provide a safe and comfortable environment for your little one’s when you choose the Prams and Strollers that also comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS 2088.
  • Both should have wheel locking mechanisms which are sturdy and strong in conditions. Therefore, when you take your hands off to the handle, you can lock the wheels and be sure that your baby won’t roll away.
  • They should have the five-point harness with shoulders, waist, and crotch straps. The five-point harness provides the security inside the carriage and does not fall over and to the sides while riding in the rough area of the road. The five-point harness also protects your child against any sudden interruptions or unexpected accidents.
  • The Prams and Strollers also have the protective shade or canopy that keeps away your child from the ultraviolet rays.

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